Government Facilities


government facilities

Through experience working on myriad government facilities, Hush Acoustics has become familiar with the often more stringent acoustical criteria associated with government projects, such as those of GSA and DCID/SCIF. Common government building project types include:

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Typical Services

  • Review design drawings for potential noise issues related to acoustic privacy, reverberation, and HVAC-related noise to meet project design goals.
  • Review and provide recommendations for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) 
  • Review interior acoustics for special function areas such as in courthouses, correctional facilities, and libraries.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.

exemplary projects

US Coast Guard HQ

Clark Construction built the United States Coast Guard Headquarters building at the St. Elizabeth West Campus. Being a large government office building, there are many acoustical concerns typical in any office building. Since confidential and secret information is handled at this facility, it was also necessary to construct many Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) areas and provide acoustical separation between spaces. Hush Acoustics performed on-site field acoustical tests including Noise Criteria (NC), Noise Isolation Class (NIC), and Apparent Impact Insulation Class (AIIC) to verify the project requirements were met.


Nottoway Correction Center

The Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, VA was opened in 1984 and houses over 1,000 male offenders. The American Correctional Association (ACA) establishes maximum allowable noise levels in housing units both during the day and at night. Hush Acoustics performed on-site noise measurements to ensure compliance with all the ACA requirements.