Hush Acoustics engineers have worked on many different hospitality projects. Like residential towers, hotels often have special amenity areas and a large central mechanical system which has the potential to cause noise issues within the hotel and at neighboring properties. Hotels often have loud club or restaurant areas and a conference center, both of which carry unique acoustic concerns. Hotel chains often have their own acoustic standards of performance which we have experience with.

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Typical Services:

  • Work with the design team in the design phases to identify and correct potential acoustic problems related to acoustic privacy, interior room acoustics, and HVAC noise.
  • Advise on the core-and-shell for acoustic concerns such as slab composition, slab edge condition, curtain wall performance, and mullions.
  • Review and provide noise control recommendations for special function areas such as fitness centers, conference areas, restaurants, clubs, and day care.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.

exemplary projects

Marriott Marquis D.C.

Hush Acoustics worked on many aspects of the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington, D.C. Since the site is along Massachusetts Avenue, which is a busy street with a lot of motorcades that use sirens, it was necessary to design the curtain wall system with outdoor noise intrusion in mind. On-site noise measurements and computer modeling were used in that effort through the architect Cooper Carry. During construction, we also assisted the general contractor Hensel Phelps with issues such as traffic noise, guest room wall construction, and acoustically sealing doors between guest rooms. After the project was open, we worked with the hotel management to address vibration affecting lighting fixture pendants.

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Hilton Norfolk - The Main

Gold Key PHR, a large hospitality and real estate management company, built The Main through a public-private venture with the City of Norfolk. Cooper Carry designed the building which includes over 50,000 sf of IACC-certified meeting space, 300 guest rooms, and 3 restaurants. Hush Acoustics worked with the design team throughout the design process as well as after construction was complete to meet the project’s acoustical requirements.