restaurants and clubs

Mid- to high-end restaurants often seek a specific environment for their guests, which could include an acoustically intimate and comfortable space or a more lively space. Hush engineers are familiar with the requirements for interior finishes to control noise buildup while maintaining the intended aesthetic.

A further challenge is preventing excess noise transmission from loud club environments to neighboring commercial tenants or residences. Apartments or offices are often located above or down the street from restaurants or night clubs, causing the restaurant or night club to be cited by the police for a noise ordinance violation or threatened with eviction for violation of lease requirements. Hush Acoustics is familiar with the techniques necessary to solve this problem having worked on similar restaurant and night club projects.

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Typical Services

  • Review design drawings for acoustic finishes. Recommend coverage and location of acoustic finishes to meet a design reverberation time goal.
  • Provide recommendations for isolated room constructions for club environments.
  • Analyze HVAC noise and provide recommendations as necessary for noise control.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.

exemplary projects

Del Mar Restaurant

2 Scale Interiors, LLC designed the Del Mar Restaurant in Washington D.C. with the Barcelona firm Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio (LRV). Hush worked with the design throughout the design phase to ensure the second floor spaces could be rented out for special events without affecting the first floor public bar, to maintain acoustical privacy at other tenants in the building, and provide a suitable acoustical environment throughout the restaurant.

Restaurant - Del Mar.jpg

Restaurant - Kay, Sehkraft.jpg

Sehkraft Brewing

Kay Architects designed The Restaurant at Sehkraft in Arlington, VA. Hush Acoustics worked with the owner and design team to ensure that sound from live music would not disrupt occupants of the apartments upstairs.

K Street Lounge

Hush worked with the former K Street Lounge (now Capitale) to reduce noise emissions reaching the offices above.