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fitness centers

Depending on the programming of the space, fitness centers can be a significant source of both airborne and structureborne noise which has an impact throughout the entire building. For example, the impact associated with the dropping of weights, medicine balls, or kettle bells, and treadmill footfalls can often be heard several floors above and below the source, as well as several column bays away laterally. Fitness centers often host group exercise classes. The amplified speech and music taking place within these classes can be as loud as a nightclub in some cases.  

Without treatment, noise and vibration could be perceived several floors away. We have experience developing specifically tailored noise control treatment options which mitigate transmitted sound and vibration. For these projects especially, these treatments should be incorporated into the earliest possible phase of design due to their cost, space, and coordination impact to the project.

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Typical Services

  • On site measurements to simulate loud music or weight drop events in the space and determine noise and vibration impact at adjacent locations in the building.
  • Design-phase review of architectural, mechanical, and structural drawings.
  • Advise on the need for isolated floor, wall, and ceiling constructions.
  • Providing recommendations for upgraded fitness room constructions to reduce noise and vibration transmission to noise-sensitive areas.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.


exemplary projects

2111 Wilson Blvd.

The Colonial Place building at 2111 Wilson Blvd in Arlington, VA was recently renovated, providing a ground-floor fitness center for their office tenants to use. After its installation, some tenants on the floor above complained about audible noise from the weight machines. The building manager, Lincoln Property Company, hired us to work with them to resolve the complaints. We identified the source of the noise and recommended the appropriate sound-deadening mats to use below the weight machines to reduce transmitted noise and vibration.

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Fitness - Orangetheory, Potomac Yard - brighter.jpg

Orangetheory Fitness

We have worked on several design teams for new Orangetheory fitness locations. In addition to many locations within Washington, D.C., a notable case was at 650 Potomac Avenue in the Station 650 building in Arlington, VA. We performed acoustical tests to predict how much sound will reach the apartments directly above the fitness center, and followed up with detailed noise control recommendations for floor, wall, and ceiling construction for the architect to incorporate into the design. Additionally, we provided feedback on the lease language and assisted in crafting lease provisions that both the landlord and tenant were comfortable with.