Residential and Senior Centers


residential buildings and senior living centers

Hush Acoustics provides services to businesses at all stages of residential projects from before the project is built through many years after it was built.  In addition to evaluating transportation noise, we also aid the design team to maximize acoustical comfort and privacy in senior living centers and multifamily residences, townhouses, and mixed-use buildings.

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Typical Services

  • Provide recommendations for wall and floor-ceiling constructions to meet the the acoustic requirements established in the International Building Code, or to any specified project design goal.
  • Review the mechanical drawing set for system noise both within the building and radiated to neighboring properties.
  • Review the location and treatment of major building systems such as elevators, trash chutes, and garage doors.
  • Assess the potential acoustic impact from amenity spaces such as fitness centers, pools, conference centers, and restaurants and clubs.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.


exemplary projects

Fenwick Apartments

The Fenwick apartments at 8616 2nd Avenue in Silver Spring MD were developed by Insight Property Group and designed by SK+I at 8616 2nd Avenue, Silver Spring, MD. Hush Acoustics was present during every phase of design, providing feedback on each drawing issuance and working with the design team to find the best solutions to anticipated acoustical problems related to mechanical system noise and acoustical privacy between apartments. Additionally, we performed analyses evaluating railroad noise and traffic noise and addressed issues that arose after construction to ensure that the design intent was met.


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Atlantic Plumbing

Atlantic Plumbing was designed and built in three phases with both rental and condominium apartments. This project is located adjacent to the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. This adjacency posed unique acoustic challenges to the project which were a part of our services for the project. Eric Colbert & Associates PC designed the project, and Hush Acoustics join the design team, providing expert acoustic assistance with all aspects of the design including partition selection, noise from the 9:30 Club, mechanical system noise, and post-occupancy acoustical problem solving.

Brightview Grosvenor

Brightview Senior Living centers have recently been opening all throughout the DMV area. Hush Acoustics has been involved in many of these developments, providing traffic noise analyses for each location, and providing additional services including evaluating generator noise or assisting with rezoning. These analyses inform the design team of the required acoustic attenuation to be provided by the building facade per county requirements. One notable example is the Grosvenor location in Montgomery County, MD, developed by The Shelter Group and designed by Hord Coplan Macht.


Hush Acoustics does not normally work directly for homeowners.