Tenant retail often have unique acoustic concerns as the relate to noise intrusion to other tenants or residences in a mixed use building, interior acoustic buildup in larger, more occupied spaces, and special function areas such as cinemas which require a high degree of importance to proper acoustic design.

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Typical Services

  • Work with the design team in the design phases to identify and correct potential acoustic problems related to acoustic privacy, interior room acoustics, and HVAC noise.
  • Assist the design team in tenant lease negotiations with respect to acoustic requirements.
  • Review and provide noise control recommendations for special function areas such as cinemas, recording studios, musical practice rooms, or other sensitive spaces.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.

exemplary projects

Pure Barre

Rappaport, as the owner of the retail center, hired Hush Acoustics to investigate noise emissions from the proposed Pure Barre location in Vienna, VA which might affect neighboring tenant spaces. Different options were provided to eliminate noise complaints between the tenants.


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555 12th St. NW

MacFadden project management hired us to provide consulting services for a new floor-wide conference concourse fit out at 555 12th St. NW in Washington, D.C. The concourse, located at the basement level, would be directly below the lobby and street level retail spaces, including a bank and a day spa. The building was concerned both about audible footfall noise from the stone tile lobby floor and also sensitive information or amplified speech in the conference concourse being audible and disruptive in the low-noise tenant spaces. We conducted on site testing of the slab between the two floors to assess its performance and provided recommendations to improve the floor-ceiling assembly to the desired performance.


Town and Country

Thalhimer hired Hush Acoustics to investigate noise emissions from the cleaner’s space affecting the adjoining tenant space at 39 Town and Country Drive, Fredericksburg, VA

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