The acoustic environment of a recording studio is vital to its function. Any space from a small one- or two-person recording booth to full sound stages will require a specific collection of acoustic finishes in carefully selected locations within the studio in order to preserve the fidelity of the recording.  Interference from outside the studio must also be considered, as even very faint sounds will be captured in the audio recording.

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Typical Services

  • Review design drawings for acoustic insulation from spaces adjacent to the studio(s).
  • Review mechanical drawings for HVAC noise to meet often stringent design goals.
  • Review and recommend acoustic finishes to achieve the desired reverberation time.
  • On site measurements for troubleshooting, post-construction performance compliance testing, or to benchmark an existing space.

Exemplary Projects

CRTV Leesburg

ARKTX hired Hush Acoustics for the CRTV studio space in Leesburg, VA. We provided design phase services investigating acoustical privacy at the adjoining fire extinguisher filling facility, acoustical privacy within the CRTV space, mechanical and lighting system noise, and reverberation within the studio.


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Studio - WETA.jpg


WETA hired Hush Acoustics to evaluate HVAC system and lighting noise for their television studio in Arlington, VA.  They were having problems with hearing noise from rooftop mechanical equipment and dimmers in one of the studios.  Hush Acoustics measured noise levels, performed acoustical calculations, and provided a narrative of noise control measures.